A Look at Low Carb


Looking at my grocery cart now compared to 8 weeks ago it’s a world of difference. Before in my cart,I may have had boxed potatoes, canned Vegetables , variety of frozen foods, and an assortment of chips and snacks.

Now as I peer down into my cart I feel a since of pride wash over me, like I want everyone to notice MY cart. I almost want to go in front of the supermarket and scream,”look at what I have folks, I’m going to eat right, and love it!” I know that’s insane.

My point is learning how to shop and how to prepare foods I never thought of trying is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I want everyone to know that all the processed foods out there were REAL before someone added all the crap to make them last longer on the shelf, freezer or can.

So what is Low Carb? A lot of you already know the answer to this, but let’s give it a definition. Low Carb is not just eating meat, cheese and eggs. There are a wide variety of foods. You are just eliminating high carb foods and starches example: potatoes,pasta and bread.

In the Low Carb world there are many paths to choose from. Top of the list is the Atkins Diet, this Diet is my favorite it’s easy to do and the chooses are limitless, I love cheese with Atkins cheese is part of the in-crowd. I must say there is a sigh of  OMG when you say your doing Atkins, a lot of folks still beleive that Doctor Atkins died of Heart Failure, hmmmm, wrong. Doctor Atkins actually died from a slippery fall and suffered head injury. That being said this plan is tried and true. High fat/ low carb.

The Belly Fat Cure. Wonderful diet has tons of good recipes and really helps you how to count your sugar/carbs. How this diet works you are allowed  15 sugars and 6 carbs a day. Here comes the math, sugars are sugars, if the package or diet calculator says this item is 5 sugars its 5 out of your daily allowance , now carbs are different. Up to 4 carbs its 0 carbs, 5-20 1 carb, 20 – 40  2 carbs, get it? Good. this is a very good program and you can make this one a life style plan as well.

Paleo Diet, this one to me is slightly harder, the whole idea of this plan is to eat like our ancestors, The Caveman. No Dairy,Grains,  fake foods it has to be something that is Paliothic. There’s a list, to me this is a highly restrictive for myself. I do love the idea, and I have read tons of testimony on the Diet working very well.

These are just the Top three. If you go into low carb, take it from someone who could not stick with one Plan, find a plan and STICK to that plan. It’s not Healthy to be dangling on the so called Yo Yo string.

That being said, things you’ll need on a Low Carb Diet.

1. Motivation.  If you are NOT ready to cut things out of your diet and change your lifestyle,then this may not be for you. Thinking you can loose weight and just be a part timer, you’ll be frustrated, say the program doesn’t work and gain what weight you have lost back 2 fold.

2. Support . You are your only cheering squad, do not rely on others to get the lbs off of you and cook your food. It’s all YOU baby!

3. Enjoy. Smile, enjoy your new choice and remember how your going to feel in just a few short weeks or months.

4. Eat. You get to Eat, do not starve yourself at any time, pick your battles, find the snack that works for you and always Drink Your Water!!

5. Learn. Find out we’re your food comes from, try different fruits and veggies, have you ever did a chicken roll cooked on the grill with creamy garlic Parmesan sauce. Yummy . Learning is Fun!

Last but not Least.

6. FIBER. You need to take a fiber replacement. Using olive oil in your cooking helps, but let’s go ahead and go to the health food store and get a good Fiber, if you tell your health food clerk he/she will directly to the best one.

I hope some of this helps, next I’m going to start with recipes. Happy Low Carbing Peeps 🙂

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