Its Possible


Stepping out of my old way of eating and stepping into a new way of eating, is a difficult thing. Well that’s what the majority of us think.
But lets walk this way for just a bit .

Let me help you , for example a typical lunch: I would grab a sandwich some chips and maybe something to satisfy that sweet need after. Wow, realizing  now the carbs and sugar in such a simple lunch is amazing. The bread and the chips alone would have kept me on the track to become a full Diabetic and unhealthy.

Another example that most of us do and I was no exception. Going through the drive through at fast food restaurants. Its understandable when your a busy mom or dad, but just a cheeseburger, diet coke and small fries is nothing BUT Carbs. Your protein source would be the Hamburger patty.

I started off my Diet that I’m on now with simple food swaps, take for example pizza, I Love Pizza, all day  every day. I started doing some research on how I can loose weight and have my pie too. Found a simple crust made of cheese, added homemade pizza sauce(low sugar) and most any topping I wanted, yummm! Yes I figured away I could not sacrifice the things I love and still be healthy. (Side note make sauce ahead and refrigerate keeps really well for a week or freeze).

For Snack what  I did was I made Zucchini chips. Very simple and you don’t need a dehydration machine your oven works fine for that, and you can season with anything you like. I’ll post recipe at bottom. I will also post the foods that I believe to have made my weight loss stall, those I will post under a new category on the webpage.

By week 3 all cravings had stopped and I noticed the weight going down and my energy picking up. Food was easier than I thought, and I was FULL. Hard to say that when your Dieting.

Dinner super easy, let me share one of tips for cooking a protein, quick! Salmon,Chicken breast, Pork chops all love this method. It takes 10 to 15 min. pan fry method. Take fresh rosemary and thyme chop really good,heat a skillet with extra virgin olive oil on med high,salt and pepper your protein,when the skillet  gets somewhat hot, lay your meat in and coat with fresh herbs. Let protein cook on med high until almost half way up and then flip.
Easy Peasy, you and your family have a great protein that can be the star of the dinner table and it to less time than driving to the place with the Shiny Yellow Arches.

Week 4-5-6 I found myself challenging my taste and exploring different recipes. It’s actually FUN, I’ve kinda made a food challenge out of it.  I don’t cheat on my plan because I would only be cheating myself, and always remember if there is something you really love or crave,  there’s alway a swap for it.


Week 7  I find I’ve settled in more, I’m getting a fantastic list of foods and recipes together myself and my family enjoy. I’m also learning, about spices and different foods I would have never thought to eat.

Well today, I’m pleased to say going into week 11, I have surpassed my expectation on weight loss with this plan. Ive lost a total of 23 lbs. and I love my new lifestyle changes. 

My Body seems to be going through a Calming factor, I’m feeling good, accomplishing a lot more in my day. With 12 weeks as my goal approaching in the near future to give this way of eating and living a chance to prove itself, I have to say all is accomplished. I will continue with no set boundaries and enjoy the exploration of new foods and recipes. 

Diets don’t have to make you crazy or bitchy. They can be life changing I know mine has.
Wishing everyone success and Good Health!




1 or 2 zucchini
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt (I like sea salt)

Pre heat oven to 225
1 or 2 zucchini sliced thin (like a chip)
Place on paper towels and then towels on top press lightly to get out some of the moisture
Lay on a sheet pan covered in parchment paper (important)
Place oil on chips with a cooking brush and then sprinkle with salt (less is more trust me!)
Bake 225 for about 2 hours.

Thank you to internet google for clipart.

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