Jicama Hash Browns

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What? How do you say it…Ji-ca-ma  \ˈhē-kə-mə\ Pronounce Jicama

Ok then What is it?  large, edible, tuberous root of a tropical American plant of the legume family, crisp sweet flesh, eaten as a vegetable either raw or boiled. Also know as a Mexican Turnip.

Well this is my first approach to this Vegetable, enjoy 🙂

For all my Atkins Induction Friends this is  Induction friendly. 1\2 cup 2.6 carbs raw

The Recipe 



This recipe was so easy and a wonderful for replacement for white potatoes.


1 Jicama medium size or half large 

2 slices of bacon chopped

2/3 cup onion

2/3 cup celery

1 tablespoons chopped Rosemary

1 teaspoon chopped parsley

3 cloves garlic minced well

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons butter

Salt and Pepper 

Okee Dokee Lets Begin!

Peel your Jicama, its alittle tough I use a vegi. peeler and some muscle.These guys can have some tough skin. Next Cube your Jicama. You should have about 2 Cups.

20150706_175130                      20150706_175736

Now Taste it! You need to know this Wonderful flavor and fresh crunch of he Jicama 🙂

Next, lets get our Bacon chopped and in the Pan, cook medium high until AMOST done.




while Bacon is cooking lets finish chopping our ingredients Parsley and Rosemary.

20150706_181200                                       20150706_181418

images (9)Had to borrow that pic from internet forgot to take Parsley pic..oops.

Lets go ahead and start building, Add Onion,celery and garlic, finish cooking bacon with these ingredients added.



Saute until onions are somewhat cooked then lets add our Jicama.


Add remaining ingredients Parsley,Rosemary and salt and pepper. Incorporate well and add Butter and Olive Oil, incorporate that well, then reduce heat to a Simmer and cover for 20 to min. 

20150706_181836                                    20150706_181937



Uncover and cook another 10 to 15 minutes taking a spatula and turning every now and then. 

Ok, lets Plate and Eat!



I actualy had this with Cornish hen the other night, Ill post that recipe next in main dishes. Hope you guys enjoy this. Take Care Hugs!



Lemon Pepper Grilled Cornish Hen With Jicama Hash and fresh Cut green beans.

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