Making Low Carb Easy..So Relax!

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When you start Low Carb Living, you don’t have to go through your kitchen and fill bags with food so you want be tempted. Get excited about the transformation your about to begin, think about how much healthier your going to feel. Don’t let temptation get to you, your in control. You will gradually get rid of all the bad stuff, trust me. Your going to get to the point to where you don’t even want to look at the Junk. 

The reason i say this is because we get so Gung-Ho that we start going nuts and removing all the tempting foods.Then with most weight loss plans the WooHoo effect wears off. I want to prevent you from letting those Oreos you didn’t throw away to not talk to you, I want you to be strong. If you can’t BE Strong in your own kitchen, whats to prevent you from passing McDonalds and saying,”just one fry want hurt.”or Wendys,”their frosty is small,it want hurt.” Learning to control temptation  in your home will make you safe for you out in the world, even on vacation and the duration, Your LIFE!

I will post a list of the Carbs in some of the more Common foods, Ill try to update it periodically. I WILL post the list of stuff in any snacks and sweets recipes I introduce to you. These items we have a habit of overdoing and need to know the portions.

With my recipes I post you want find a break down of the Calories,Sodium,Sugar or Carbohydrates at the end of each recipe, i will let you know if its Portion only or if its Atkins Induction friendly. My opinion is that the Common sense approach is the best way to learn. Read labels, learn your food your consuming. If your going to make Tacos for dinner for example you should know that the taco shell needs to be changed that’s your carb. and no beans. If you have to have re fried beans lets stick to just a tablespoon. But this is what Im saying use your common since. Ill show you how to make a fabulous  tasting shell for your Tacos that is so Low Carb. you want go back to the old way.

Try to stay with products that are Fresh,All Natural, No Preservatives or Additive. Also watch for products were you see FAT FREE and NO SUGAR those products will more than likely have hidden sugars. Really do not worry about Calories, thats not Low Carb, if you want to count those calories then Weight Watchers or other Programs, may be the way to go for you. 

Sodium Counting, easy fix. YOU are cooking all your food, use Sodium Substitutes there are tons out there. Watch  for products that have alot of sodium, SOY sauce for example. get the Low Sodium. Sodium reduction is just that, a reduction, don’t strap yourself down by counting every gradual like the sprites and the fairies 🙂

I try to keep all my vegetables as fresh as possible, but if your like me and a Farmers Market is not around the Corner and your forced to sometimes use can products, read read read. Tomatoes are fine in the can but they do have sugar on the label, its ok , just don’t overdo. Frozen Vegetables work great, just don’t get the ones were they are already prepared, get fresh frozen.

THE SCALE…this is not your friend! On a Low Carb Living your weight will fluctuate, your loosing trust me. But if you get on that horrible thing everyday you will get so disappointed. If your have too and cant stand it, get on ONLY  once every week or two.For 3 straight weeks my weight stayed the same, then only loosing 1 lb aweek. I was loosing, I didn’t realize it, so , don’t trust your scale. Here is what we do, invest in a .99 tape measure. You will want to measure your Arms,Thighs ,Chest,waist and Hips. keep a chart. 

With all this said I hope it helps your guys some. I’ve really enjoyed sharing some of my tips with you. Take Care and Smile.

How To Take Body Measurments

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