The Road Ahead


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When I was a teenager I could eat what I wanted, never gaining an ounce. But, as we get older our metabolism changes or energy levels may decrease, It is just what happens.

I’ve had 3 kids, and I’ve never blamed my weight gain on my children, in fact I was the smallest I had been in years when my youngest child was born. Stress, hormones and metabolic changes can put weight on us, not to mention the food we put in our mouth and the amount. Your brain can make you overeat really easy and our taste buds are awesome and deadly at the same time.

So, what am I getting too, is the fact we can take back control of our Body. We can take control of what goes in our bodies. Its time to stop the Yo Yo dieting, which caused me to go from a size 2 to a 14 in no time!

When you start a Diet plan you start with the sole purpose of getting those extra lbs off your body so we can look good for the summer, a vacation or even be able to fit in that fantastic outfit that’s been hanging in the closet for years. 

don’t want you to loose weight like that, because if you don’t know this by now, ITS GONNA COME BACK! Yes, because the day you fit into that outfit, or take that fab selfie on vacation will be short lived. Because this was just a Diet, just a quick fix. Now here it goes, you are about to become a Yo Yo.

Being a YoYo Dieter is not Healthy, your body gets to the point after awhile when it just gets mad at you, it thinks you want to be healthy, but your back to your old eating habits again, and you are about to gain back your lost weight two fold.

I want you guys to be Healthy. I want you to be Happy and to never have to worry about being able to fit into anything in your closet again!

So lets do this, lets make the decision to take control of our life and learn to Love Your Food again and have it Love You back. 

Yes, your going to HAVE TO give up some bad food habits, some of us are even going to have to break some normal routines. Eating after 7 not gonna happen. If you normally eat late then have a really good lunch and something on the lighter side when you can have dinner.

Breakfast, if you don’t have time, make time, how long does it take to make an egg and throw in a cup and go. Ill show you a Healthy on the go breakfast you can make ahead of time and just throw in microwave for a second and go.

Lunch, if you work prepare your lunches the day before, don’t be temped by the soda machines or the candy machines  or those friendly Donuts that are floating around. Once you are on a Low Carb for about 3 weeks you will not want that junk at all, your cravings will subside. If you do need something Crunchy and Chip like, Low Carb People eat Pork Rinds, just not the whole bag. If your on Sodium restriction, Watch the in take. One of m favorite snakes is Zucchini chips, ill post the recipe under snacks.

I promise you guys if you are true to this way of eating, and you are true to yourself you will be very happy with the results. Don’t Cheat! Watch out for SO CALLED Low Carb pre packaged foods. These Candies,Cookies,drinks can be a trap. They can cause you to kick in big time cravings and cause you to totally fail. So true to the REEL food, be careful of Nuts, they are fine in proportion, but in larger consumption can cause a weight loss stall or gain. I can not say this enough, but pre packaged low carb foods, like Vegi straws, Rice cakes, WILL cause this plan not to work.

You will have to COOK, follow my easy to do recipes and it may help you, you don’t have to have a fancy kitchen or all the special kitchen tools. I don’t have them, my utensils are old my knifes are the worst, and my pots and pans have seen better days. I started to place an add on ,”Go Fund Me.” to see if someone would buy me some But Its all good, I think we can manage.

So lets do this, lets make the decision to take control of our life and learn to Love Your Food again and have it Love You back. 

Lets Get Started! I know you can, if I can loose it, I know any of you out there can. I don’t care if you have 10,20 or 100 lbs to loose, when you reach your goal and YOU WILL! Don’t stop, go into Maintenance and enjoy your new life,your new health and your new love of food. 

Please Watch this Video from The Ted Talks:   Diabetes. The Ted Talks

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