Low Carb Taco Shells

20150710_143019This is one of the best Taco shell recipes I have trying, I have a good Idea You Guys are just going to LOVE IT!




Small Non Stick Pan
Cheese (note:
DO-NOT USE EXTRA SHARP OR SHARP too salty when cooked.)I used Colby Jack.
Taco Former I’ll show you how to make a homemade one same as I use 🙂




First lets make our Taco Former.
You will need a Paper Towel Roll and Tin Foil.
For a Larger Size Taco form Do-Not Fold Paper Towel Roll, For Smaller one We Will Fold.


20150710_145721 20150710_145742 20150710_145749
Fold Paper Towel Roll next Take your Tin Foil and lets —- Roll Roll Roll!
20150710_145817 (1) 20150710_145824
Cool Right! Now this is for a Thinner Taco, For a Wider one we will do the same procedure but we will NOT be folding the Paper Towel Roll. This is the one I use the Most.
20150710_142122 This is the Full Size Taco Former.




Get your Small Non-Stick pan and set on burner to Medium High.
Sprinkle Cheese on UN-GREASED Non-Stick pan.
20150710_142345 Let melt into a circle,don’t play with it,if you have to shake the pan slightly you can.


20150710_142055 Let your Cheese start to melt and brown.
20150710_142202 When your Cheese is nice and brown and your can move it around freely with your spatula, scoop out and hang over your Tin Foil Former.
20150710_142908 (This is a small Tin Foil Form)
20150710_143012 (1) Let Cool on Form, will take seconds, no worries! Slide off and get ready to Stuff!
20150710_143001 20150710_143019


Stuffing Taco Is Easy!In my Photo blow I have my Protein basic Taco Season Turkey,you can use hamburger, I just prefer the consistency of shredded Turkey.Lettuce,cheese and Chunky Sauce.

Looks Yummy Right? Sure Does, Enjoy Guys this is Easy Trust me!images (3)




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