Fried Egg with Cheesy Crisp



Breakfast with a CRUNCH! One of the quickest easiest Breakfast it just takes a few minutes, Promise 🙂




2 Strips of Bacon

Cheddar Cheese, just a sprinkle 

Sliver of Butter to cook Egg or you can use Olive Oil

Here We Go!

Bacon we need to cook our Bacon, I do mine in Microwave, Yep. You can cook yours however you like, if you want to try Microwave here’s what you do.Get a Microwave safe plate spred Bacon on plate, cook on High for 3 to 4 min for 2 to 3 pieces. Take off plate and let rest and drain grease on Paper towel.


Lets turn our burner to medium high and place our small pan. Then Sprinkle your cheddar cheese.(don’t oil pan, cheese will do that.)



Place a piece of Parchment Paper down flat on counter. When Cheese gets Crispy slide onto Parchment Paper to cool.



Next place Sliver of Butter in Pan, leave burner on medium high and Fry your Egg.


DO NOT Salt Egg, you can add Pepper but with the Salt flavor in Cheese and Bacon, lets don’t. Depending on how you like your Egg cook to preference, shown in photo is basted with butter to form a top.



                             Get your morning started right, Hope you guys Enjoy! 

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8 thoughts on “Fried Egg with Cheesy Crisp

  1. I make my cheese chips on parchment paper in the microwave! It’s super easy and you can make a bunch at a time. Just cut into squares and cook for about two minutes. It will seize up and harden in seconds. Enjoy and put your pan away 🙂

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