In May I had a terrible accident, I fell and injured my whole right side of my body.

I was just outside mowing my 5 acres, and the next thing I know I flew off the front porch and was laying in the front yard and could not move.

Sprained shoulder, Bruised hip bone, Sprained knee, Sprained Foot and ankle. I also busted my nose.

After my fun ride to the Emergency room, I came home in excoriating pain. I was unable to even get up and go to the bathroom, needless  to say I cried a lot. This was not me, this is not who I was. After about 2 weeks of bed rest I was able to move a little.

Day by Day I improved, its been almost 4 months now and I’m finally able to drive again, braking with my left foot. Doctor said it will still be  4 more months for a full recovery, even then I may still have to have some sort of knee support or a bit.

I apologize to the folks that were following me, Its been hard not to be able to cook and try new recipes. Hug Hugs too you guys.

YES, if your wondering if I gained weight the answer is YES. My family did the best they could, but the easy access food was the best. I’m getting back on track thank goodness, my sugar levels have been high and I’m extremely tired all the time. I think this has led to a lot of the depression I’ve been going through. But Its getting better. 🙂

I still get a lot of swelling in my foot and leg if I do too much, and I will be wearing a knee brace for a while  …BUT, IM BACK!

                                   NEW RECIPE COMING SOON


Believe in YOURSELF!



I’ve always believed in KARMA, whatever you do comes back to you, e.g. if you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa.

So Success, what is MY definition, well I believe , accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Did I succeed at Success, well you decide.

When I was a child, I thought there was MORE. That life held so many option for me  it was just a matter of getting to them. As I got older, LIFE got to me first.

I dropped out of High School and was married at 18, and a baby on the way by 21. Still through all this in my head were the Dreams of Making a Difference. By that I just wanted to make my MARK do something special, help someone,Find something no one else has yet to discover.

I collected travel books from the Travel company down the road, thought maybe I could Travel to Egypt, take some unbelievable photos and through them ,make someone smile at the photo and encourage them to find their adventure. 

The need for wanting to help and touch a life and encourage was a need I had, but I was not very educated, a housewife and mother. 

When I reached my 30’s (36 to be exact) I had a second child. I decided It was time I try to find something to fulfill the urge to make a difference. I went back to school received my GED and Started College, my career was to be a EMT/Paramedic. This was my chance to make a mark and to ease the feeling of a life without purpose.

I completed School, but before I could take my final Testing I was having to go through a very difficult life change, Divorce. I decided the best thing for myself and my children was to get a Job and work towards my state testing while I get life straight again. Not hard to guess what happened, I never made it to my Testing. Finding time to raise my two kids, study, work and do Clinical s was impossible. 

I remarried at 40 and had another child, my beautiful baby girl. My new husband was very supportive and together we decided to open our own business, a pet shoppe. Our business did well and I touched so many lives with that career, I was very happy. Unfortunately we had to close our doors. Since then, I’ve been trying desperately to find my niche again. And I hope I did ♥

So did I Succeed in Success, I think so. But I still would love to do more 🙂

I’m hoping that through this Website (blog) I will be able to help someone, good people, to find good Health and a Better life. If not for several maybe just one.

If you’ve stopped by to read or take a look, I thank you. Take Care!


Chicken Fajitas




This dish is good for Lunch, Dinner or even a Crowd. I’m going to guide you through a simple Dinner for Two  today.


2 Thin Chicken Breast

2 table spoons fajita seasoning

1 cup beef broth or water

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1/2 cup red pepper                                                              

1/2 cup yellow pepper

1/2 cup green pepper                  

 Fajita Shell

1 cup Pepper Jack

1 Egg

Parchment Paper


Lets Cook!!

First lets go ahead and get our oven preheated to 400 degree.

Then we are going to grap our pan and put our Olive Oil in there. Heat Medium High.


Wash your Chicken, pat dry and cut into thin slices.

20150721_173629                                   20150721_173827

Place Chicken Sliced into Fry Pan and Heat until Chicken is light Browned, your not trying to fully cook just yet. Get all your Vegi’s ready, and add to Chicken.

20150721_175123                               20150721_175231

Add Fajita Seasoning and Broth or Water.

20150721_175430                               20150721_175325

Cook on Med low to a strong Simmer, keep turning and blending as your cooking, your going to love this so keep up the good work! Now lets get that Shell started, If you want an Crispy Fajita shell omit the Egg, But if you want a Texted Faux shell do it this way. Grap your Cup of PaperJack and place in small mixing bowl.

20150721_175615                           20150721_175822

Next add Egg or Omit if you want a Crispy Shell. Next mix well, and place on small cookie sheet lined in Parchment paper.

20150721_175935                         20150721_180035

Take your fork and spred cheesy mixture on sheet like so, into a round-ish shape.

20150721_180104 (1)                         20150721_180223

20150721_180213                         20150721_180304 (1)

Now if you did OMIT the Egg, just sprinkle a thin layer of PepperJack.  Now lets stick our shell in the preheated 400 degree oven, and check our Chicken.


20150721_180804  Yummy, looks great. Cover and remove from heat. Shell should be ready in 10 min or less. Once shell looks done remove fro oven, slide parchment paper off pan, CAREFUL dont burn yourself!!



Once you have shell off Pan and on a flat surface, lets add our Chicken.

20150721_182745                                        20150721_182757

Now you may have a better way to do this, this is jut my way, have fun with it! Your going to lift Parchment Paper and fold over the Fajita.

20150721_182813                                      20150721_182819

Oh my Goodness my arm looks huge, I really need a better camera, ok back to the recipe 🙂

Press down on Parchment Paper for a few seconds and lift paper.

20150721_182837  TaaDaa! Slide it onto your plate and Top with Salsa or whatever Low Carb yummy you like.


images (1)I just want to tell you guys, this has been such a pleasure having this site and sharing my dishes with you, Im not a professional and you can tell, Im defently not a Photographer. I apreciate all the “Likes”, they mean the world to me. 

Happy Eating, Take Care and Stay Well!    images (4)



Simple Low Carb Swiss Cheese Crackers

20150715_134344 (1)


                          These are so Easy your gonna’ say WOW!



Slice of Swiss Cheese

Lets Cook

Turn Stove top burner to med. high, place small non stick pan on burner. Put a Slice of Swiss in there.



Let Cheese Melt, get bubbly.


Cook until turning tan.


Make sure Cheese moves around abit, then slide out of pan onto a piece of parchment paper to cool.


It will not take long to cool. Then take a knife or pizza cutter and cut out your Crackers. (note: if you try too small a Cracker cutout it may crumble.)

Serve as a dipping Cracker, or like me, I love mine in my Tuna Salad..YUM!




Low Carb Taco Shells

20150710_143019This is one of the best Taco shell recipes I have trying, I have a good Idea You Guys are just going to LOVE IT!




Small Non Stick Pan
Cheese (note:
DO-NOT USE EXTRA SHARP OR SHARP too salty when cooked.)I used Colby Jack.
Taco Former I’ll show you how to make a homemade one same as I use 🙂




First lets make our Taco Former.
You will need a Paper Towel Roll and Tin Foil.
For a Larger Size Taco form Do-Not Fold Paper Towel Roll, For Smaller one We Will Fold.


20150710_145721 20150710_145742 20150710_145749
Fold Paper Towel Roll next Take your Tin Foil and lets —- Roll Roll Roll!
20150710_145817 (1) 20150710_145824
Cool Right! Now this is for a Thinner Taco, For a Wider one we will do the same procedure but we will NOT be folding the Paper Towel Roll. This is the one I use the Most.
20150710_142122 This is the Full Size Taco Former.




Get your Small Non-Stick pan and set on burner to Medium High.
Sprinkle Cheese on UN-GREASED Non-Stick pan.
20150710_142345 Let melt into a circle,don’t play with it,if you have to shake the pan slightly you can.


20150710_142055 Let your Cheese start to melt and brown.
20150710_142202 When your Cheese is nice and brown and your can move it around freely with your spatula, scoop out and hang over your Tin Foil Former.
20150710_142908 (This is a small Tin Foil Form)
20150710_143012 (1) Let Cool on Form, will take seconds, no worries! Slide off and get ready to Stuff!
20150710_143001 20150710_143019


Stuffing Taco Is Easy!In my Photo blow I have my Protein basic Taco Season Turkey,you can use hamburger, I just prefer the consistency of shredded Turkey.Lettuce,cheese and Chunky Sauce.

Looks Yummy Right? Sure Does, Enjoy Guys this is Easy Trust me!images (3)




The Road Ahead


images (10)


When I was a teenager I could eat what I wanted, never gaining an ounce. But, as we get older our metabolism changes or energy levels may decrease, It is just what happens.

I’ve had 3 kids, and I’ve never blamed my weight gain on my children, in fact I was the smallest I had been in years when my youngest child was born. Stress, hormones and metabolic changes can put weight on us, not to mention the food we put in our mouth and the amount. Your brain can make you overeat really easy and our taste buds are awesome and deadly at the same time.

So, what am I getting too, is the fact we can take back control of our Body. We can take control of what goes in our bodies. Its time to stop the Yo Yo dieting, which caused me to go from a size 2 to a 14 in no time!

When you start a Diet plan you start with the sole purpose of getting those extra lbs off your body so we can look good for the summer, a vacation or even be able to fit in that fantastic outfit that’s been hanging in the closet for years. 

don’t want you to loose weight like that, because if you don’t know this by now, ITS GONNA COME BACK! Yes, because the day you fit into that outfit, or take that fab selfie on vacation will be short lived. Because this was just a Diet, just a quick fix. Now here it goes, you are about to become a Yo Yo.

Being a YoYo Dieter is not Healthy, your body gets to the point after awhile when it just gets mad at you, it thinks you want to be healthy, but your back to your old eating habits again, and you are about to gain back your lost weight two fold.

I want you guys to be Healthy. I want you to be Happy and to never have to worry about being able to fit into anything in your closet again!

So lets do this, lets make the decision to take control of our life and learn to Love Your Food again and have it Love You back. 

Yes, your going to HAVE TO give up some bad food habits, some of us are even going to have to break some normal routines. Eating after 7 not gonna happen. If you normally eat late then have a really good lunch and something on the lighter side when you can have dinner.

Breakfast, if you don’t have time, make time, how long does it take to make an egg and throw in a cup and go. Ill show you a Healthy on the go breakfast you can make ahead of time and just throw in microwave for a second and go.

Lunch, if you work prepare your lunches the day before, don’t be temped by the soda machines or the candy machines  or those friendly Donuts that are floating around. Once you are on a Low Carb for about 3 weeks you will not want that junk at all, your cravings will subside. If you do need something Crunchy and Chip like, Low Carb People eat Pork Rinds, just not the whole bag. If your on Sodium restriction, Watch the in take. One of m favorite snakes is Zucchini chips, ill post the recipe under snacks.

I promise you guys if you are true to this way of eating, and you are true to yourself you will be very happy with the results. Don’t Cheat! Watch out for SO CALLED Low Carb pre packaged foods. These Candies,Cookies,drinks can be a trap. They can cause you to kick in big time cravings and cause you to totally fail. So true to the REEL food, be careful of Nuts, they are fine in proportion, but in larger consumption can cause a weight loss stall or gain. I can not say this enough, but pre packaged low carb foods, like Vegi straws, Rice cakes, WILL cause this plan not to work.

You will have to COOK, follow my easy to do recipes and it may help you, you don’t have to have a fancy kitchen or all the special kitchen tools. I don’t have them, my utensils are old my knifes are the worst, and my pots and pans have seen better days. I started to place an add on ,”Go Fund Me.” to see if someone would buy me some But Its all good, I think we can manage.

So lets do this, lets make the decision to take control of our life and learn to Love Your Food again and have it Love You back. 

Lets Get Started! I know you can, if I can loose it, I know any of you out there can. I don’t care if you have 10,20 or 100 lbs to loose, when you reach your goal and YOU WILL! Don’t stop, go into Maintenance and enjoy your new life,your new health and your new love of food. 

Please Watch this Video from The Ted Talks:   Diabetes. The Ted Talks

                                                                                        images (11)

Jicama Hash Browns

download (2)


What? How do you say it…Ji-ca-ma  \ˈhē-kə-mə\ Pronounce Jicama

Ok then What is it?  large, edible, tuberous root of a tropical American plant of the legume family, crisp sweet flesh, eaten as a vegetable either raw or boiled. Also know as a Mexican Turnip.

Well this is my first approach to this Vegetable, enjoy 🙂

For all my Atkins Induction Friends this is  Induction friendly. 1\2 cup 2.6 carbs raw

The Recipe 



This recipe was so easy and a wonderful for replacement for white potatoes.


1 Jicama medium size or half large 

2 slices of bacon chopped

2/3 cup onion

2/3 cup celery

1 tablespoons chopped Rosemary

1 teaspoon chopped parsley

3 cloves garlic minced well

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons butter

Salt and Pepper 

Okee Dokee Lets Begin!

Peel your Jicama, its alittle tough I use a vegi. peeler and some muscle.These guys can have some tough skin. Next Cube your Jicama. You should have about 2 Cups.

20150706_175130                      20150706_175736

Now Taste it! You need to know this Wonderful flavor and fresh crunch of he Jicama 🙂

Next, lets get our Bacon chopped and in the Pan, cook medium high until AMOST done.




while Bacon is cooking lets finish chopping our ingredients Parsley and Rosemary.

20150706_181200                                       20150706_181418

images (9)Had to borrow that pic from internet forgot to take Parsley pic..oops.

Lets go ahead and start building, Add Onion,celery and garlic, finish cooking bacon with these ingredients added.



Saute until onions are somewhat cooked then lets add our Jicama.


Add remaining ingredients Parsley,Rosemary and salt and pepper. Incorporate well and add Butter and Olive Oil, incorporate that well, then reduce heat to a Simmer and cover for 20 to min. 

20150706_181836                                    20150706_181937



Uncover and cook another 10 to 15 minutes taking a spatula and turning every now and then. 

Ok, lets Plate and Eat!



I actualy had this with Cornish hen the other night, Ill post that recipe next in main dishes. Hope you guys enjoy this. Take Care Hugs!



Lemon Pepper Grilled Cornish Hen With Jicama Hash and fresh Cut green beans.

images (4)